Excellently written article. Happy to have found you and look forward to following your work.

I think shutting off -- as you put it -- is exactly a huge obstacle this Barca team has to overcome. Right now what's plaguing Barca the most is its lack of goalscorers and tendency to wilt -- or shut off -- in big games.

As much as it pains to say, I think our best players get fazed under the brightest lights. Kounde, Lewy, Raphinha, De Jong (in the first leg) all are prone to costly mistakes or getting themselves into unnecessary trouble. I'm hopeful experience will change that but was ultimately expecting more out of Lewy and De Jong especially.

And speaking of experience, I so regret the fact that Gavi and Pedri couldn't experience last night. Not only because it would've given us a much better chance of winning, but because a night like last night would've been great for their careers moving forward.

One question I have though if you're reading this, do you mind elaborating on this from your article:

"And you can’t expect to use the same approach in spite of the drastically different profiles you have available and still perform at the highest level possible"

Would love to hear your thoughts on what the approach should have been yesterday.

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Absolutely. We can appreciate ETH's brilliance, without degrading xavi's work. We didn't find out tonight that the one is a better coach than the other . It's fine . We continue with our project and gradually we improve.

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