What is this Newsletter about

BarcaFutbol is a community project focused on Barca, player analysis, coaching and scouting.

However, this newsletter is combination of three things

  • An audio podcast

  • A video cast

  • A link blog + weekly summary of all things Barca

Why did we create this?

  • To give our followers a weekly digest with our own commentary on the best and most interesting Barca content

  • Many people love the club and may not have the time everyday to scan all the news. This newsletter is for them

  • Published on Friday’s it is a perfect read for Barca fans over the weekend

  • It also has our our own audio and video podcasts

Where else can you find BarcaFutbol?

  • BarcaFutbol Blog- https://barcafutbol.blog/

    • Long form statistical and analytical content

  • BarcaFutbol Video Channel - Link

  • BarcaFutbol Audio Channel - Link

What is the difference between the blog and the newsletter ?

  • Blog

    • Long form and in-depth analytical and statistical content on player profiles, coaches, game formations and scout reports

  • Newsletter

    • Link blog plus curated summarised content covering games, interesting news related to the club, transfer rumours, match reviews and more

Why not have both in the same publication?

We debated this and we do not know whether we are right or wrong. We are learning as we go. But our data suggests that many readers enjoy in-depth long form content which is extremely technical and data rich. While there are many others who equally love the club and the game and are looking for more summarised vignettes These audiences sometimes are the same. Sometimes they are not. To cater to both kinds of audiences, we have for now decided to have a blog which focused on the in-depth tactical bits , while the newsletter will cover the more summarised bits

As fans of Barca and football,

is trying to build a project which we believe will inform and engage the community and our different kinds of readers who loves Barca and football, the same way we do.

I hope you join us.


Dom and Dev

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