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Are Barca back to playing free flowing football

Two games. Millions of hopeful fans. Last week Barca's games against Betis and Royal Antwerp were outliers.

Outliers, because Barca hadn't played this way in maybe years. But this was how they used to play, a decade ago.

Naturally, fans got excited. Was this the beginning of something exciting? The glory days I hear you say?

Barca fans love living in nostalgia, which only stokes the fires of imagination. Hyperbole is common, extremism is rampant. But if we strip it all back, what were the reasons behind this spectacle. Was it an anomaly? Or something more sustained that we will get to see time and again from this team?

Join Dom and me, as we take a closer look into how the new players added to Xavi's style of play and whether, this indeed was something fundamentally different or just a good day at office.