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Joao Felix - Redemption season?

He left Benfica with a mountain of hope and an aura of hype. Four Seasons and a bit later, Joao Felix, finds himself at a crossroad that can define his career.

Is Felix a spoilt brat or a prodigious talent?

Probably a bit of both. After a dramatic loan saga which dragged through the entirety of the transfer window in the harsh spotlight of the media, young Joao has got the move that in theory can make his career and in the process pull the club that has taken the bet on him for a season long loan.

Football Club Barcelona.

Not the easiest of clubs to play for, at any time. More so, now, given the off-field drama, the fickle and demanding fanbase, the financial situation of the club and a coach who needs to deliver.

Felix has spent more time warming the bench in the past few seasons than playing on the pitch due to disciplinary reasons. Does not take away his incredible footballing talent. Anyone who has seen him play will know what he can bring to the pitch. And in the right surrounding this is a player who can be a serious threat.

But is Barca that right environment? Is Xavi the manager who can unlock his potential? How will he fit in to the team and the formation?

Dom and I discuss.