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Does being broke make Barca's transfer window relatively better?

Barca are in a tight spot financially.

But maybe for the first time, being broke has actually forced the club to dig deep and look for the right profiles that fit the team, than just flashy names.

In this first episode of OFFSIDE, BarcaFutbol discuss new signings, Inigo Martinez, Ilkay Gundogan and Vitor Roque while also sharing thoughts on rumours around Pablo Maffeo, Ivan Fresneda and Oriol Romeou.

First episode and honestly done on a moment of whim than any planning at all. More of an extempore first take. We both are more writers than broadcasters. So, excuse the tardiness and lack of professionalism or for that matter skill as broadcasters. We will learn as we go and improve , but mostly importantly we wanted to do this since we both enjoy talking about football. We intend to keep following episodes casual and informal as well. A bit unedited. A bit real life. Every week we will publish one episode over the weekend.

Hopefully you will join us on this journey:)

From somewhere in Scotland and Australia